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Four Sight Florence_Sukanya & Associates

Four Sight Florence_Sukanya & Associates

The concept of community living has been the essence of the planning of this housing project in Garia, Kolkata. In today’s fast paced lives, people are so busy with work that social and communal cohesion takes a back seat. Social interaction finds very little importance in our daily lives. The design of this housing project breaks the monotony of point to point movement, with spaces that encourage chance meetings and dialogue exchange through seamless visual and physical connectivity. Radial converging lines form the main geometric essence of the master planning. It signifies convergence and social bonding, community interaction and collective growth. The focus of the complex is a circular community building, with a banquet, gymnasium, lounge, swimming pool and services around which the different G+4 residential blocks are designed radially and carefully about a circular road skirting the buildings. The residential blocks are raised above pilotis, rendering the ground to be a continuous free space : an expanse of visual connectivity across blocks, with green landscaped play areas in between. All the residential buildings open out into the circular road/ green areas through the living/dining and balcony looking out into the central community building. All the apartments are carefully planned for maximum usage of space, cross ventilation and light. Hard and soft landscaped areas in the form of driveways, gardens, tot lots, parks are designed in the intermittent spaces between the buildings to render all open spaces beautiful. Children can play in these enclosed green areas free of vehicular movements, the elderly can have morning walks in the paved walkways all while the parents/ families can keep a look out from the balconies. The central circular community building has been designed as a structure that blurs the line between the outside and the inside. There are minimum walls, with punctuated use of glass allowing the greenery to be brought within the spaces. It is a building that invites people in to share daily experiences and encourages social bonding. Overall the project creates a feeling of togetherness , fostering myriad experiences and collective social development.
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